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Meet Our Community

Read the stories and hear the advice of other cyclers, or share your story. 

Maggie Melin | Active Trans. Alliance

Maggie is project manager at the Active Transportation Alliance.  Her life experiences have shown her how transportation options can draw a community closer together. Learn how she is sharing those experiences.

"[riding in Sweden} opened my eyes to how biking could apply to everyone and not just the young and athletic."

Erin Potts |  Pittsburgh Bike Share

Erin manages marketing and operations for Pittsburgh Bike Share; a bike commuter herself, She shares what's been learned from 2 years of operating a bike share system. 

"[riding in Sweden} opened my eyes to how biking could apply to everyone and not just the young and athletic."

Jay Kinsinger |  Frame Builder

College professor by day, Jay is the founder of Sojourner Cyclery and makes wooden bicycle frames. Each one is hand-made for the rider. Learn about his passion and the process he uses. 

"I've been nuts about bikes my whole life." 

Josh London |  Entrepreneur

Founder of a healthcare data analytics firm, Josh is year-round bike commuter in Chicago.  He shares his vision for streets where the car is no longer the dominant form of transportation. It's a timely and relevant perspective. 

"I think we need to question what is the role of the car in America's culture and our transportation." 

Jared Marchiando |  Financial Consultant

A working professional, Jared shares his transition from motorcycle to bicycle rider. Today, he bike commutes and rides to raise money to support Children's Cancer Research Fund. 

"I was inspired by other bike commuters at work and started asking questions. Once I saw that if they could do it, I could too." 

Elizabeth Moriarty |  Operations Manager

A mid-career executive at the Archdiocese of Chicago, she bikes to work (20 miles) on most days. She shares her lessons learned on the journey from novice biker to experienced bike commuter. 

"There's something about getting on a bike that makes me feel good." 

Lucas Lorang |  Piano Technician

A registered piano technician, Lucas operates a piano tuning service making house calls by bicycle. Read how this craftsman's love of music and bikes led to a novel way to earning a living. 

"I've always liked getting around  on the bicycle and in the city [Chicago] you can get around."

Marcus Moore |  Bike Shop Owner

The Zen master of biking in Chicago, Marcus founded Yojimbo's Garage in the Cabrini Green neighborhood almost 20 years ago. His quiet presence belies his racing history and extensive knowledge of cycling. 

"I didn't expect it [the shop] to work out for more than a few months or maybe a year."

Cynthia Hoyle |  Transportation Planner

Mom, volunteer, consultant, she is involved in local transportation planning in Urbana, IL as well as helping communities across the nation design complete streets.

"Converting our communities so everyone can use the roadway makes it safer, healthier and less expensive."

Farmer Jon |  Compost Hauler

Experienced urban farmer, he has made a business of hauling organic waste and food scraps by bicycle.

"We can make our community more sustainable."

Emily Thornton  |  Committed Biker

Young, confident rider shares her perspective of biker commuting in Chicago after relocating from Missouri.


"Biking is a great way to maintain a budget"​

Daniella Birch  |  Publicity Coordinator

Devoted cyclist, bike commuter and volunteer for the Prairie Cycle Club, Daniella is committed to increasing the diversity of people involved in cycling. 

​"Biking is such a beautiful form of transportation"

Waymond Smith  |  Retired Citizen

Avid recreational cyclist, bike commuter and volunteer for youth bike programs. He is an active rider in retirement and planning a fundraising trip on the west coast. 

"Biking is  a way out!  It's a healthy lifestyle"

Rebecca Resman  |  Biking Mom

Bike advocate, bike commuter and mom. Rebecca shares how her riding changed once she became a mom. Today, she is a strong champion of family riding. 

"After becoming a mom, it wasn't an issue if I was going to ride, but rather how could I make it work." 


Jen Quinlan | Marketing Manager

A bike commuter in Austin and later Urbana-Champaign, IL, Jen found the bike a great way for getting around town and staying in shape.  Her go to bike is a tricycle! 

"I was looking for something fun to do that would help me burn some extra calories. Biking was the perfect fit."

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