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About ZappaWheels

ZappaWheels delivers sustainable bicycle accessories to support your biking endeavors - whether you are rediscovering cycling or ride every day. We believe biking is local, sustainable, joyful, and good for the environment.  Our vision is a world where the products used in biking are made from sustainable materials, manufactured in an eco-friendly way, and make biking easier and safer for the rider. 

Meet Our Team 



My first stint as a bike commuter was in Barcelona, Spain as an exchange student - I rode to school each day and easily stood out since I was the only person wearing a helmet! Later, I rode to work in Pittsburgh along the Allegheny River. And for the past 15 years I have commuted through the streets of Chicago on my Surly (Long-Haul Trucker). ​



Chicago resident since 2016, I could not understand summers in the city without a bike. Living abroad gets you to do things you would not normally do. This and my enthusiasm for engineering got me involved with the ZappaWheels team, an experience ranging from cast molding to product sales, including Taco Tuesdays!
​Enjoy the ride!​



​Biking over the years has served as transportation, sport, fitness, and the enjoy contemplation from coast to coast. These days, it has become invaluable to spending more quality family time outdoors. My trusty 30 year old Trek has undergone a similar transformation from mountain bike, to road bike, tri-bike, baby carrier, and now an all-purpose hybrid. Being a tinkerer, a bike is a limitless platform for experimentation.



I was excited to buy my first 10 speed bike in high school: a yellow Schwinn Continental. Fancy for me at the time, but I rode that bike a lot. It was teenage independence before I had a license to drive. I've enjoyed biking all these years and have had a few other bikes since then. I'm a casual rider but enjoy it all the same.

Our Innovation ​

ZappaWheels has multiple US Patents covering our products:

An attachment apparatus and/or system for securely attach­ing objects to a bicycle frame having a transport platform that is attachable to the top of a bicycle rack. 
Covered by: 

  • US Patent No. 11,084,547 B2

  • US Patent No. 11,613,322 B2

An ornamental design for a container attachable to a bicycle rack.
Covered by: 

  • US Patent No. ​D927,364 S

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