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Every year, millions of bike tires and inner tubes find their way into landfills. The ZappaWheels' bungee cords mitigate this problem since they are made from recycled bicycle inner tubes. These bungee cords are incredibly tough, durable, and help to expand the sustainability of cycling.


For $10, you will receive a pack of ZappaWheels bungee cords that includes 2 different cords. Different-size cords allow versatility, so whether you are carrying groceries, bringing items to work, or recreationally biking over the weekend, these cords can help! 


Each bungee cord is imprinted with the ZappaWheels logo and tagline - Make Biking Part of Your Life. 

Bungee Cords made from bicycle inner tubes: a perfect gift for cyclists

SKU: 3
    • different sizes for a variety of items 
    • rubber tipped as to not poke your skin or scratch your possessions 
    • made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes 
    • sustainable 

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