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Introducing our stylish and eco-friendly wooden bike crate—a zero-waste, durable, and weather-resistant storage solution. Crafted from high-quality wood, it adds rustic elegance to your ride. Perfect for commuting, leisurely rides, or trips to the market, this crate conveniently stores groceries, snacks, and on-the-go essentials, even accommodating a six-pack of your favorite beverage!

Engineered for convenience, it easily attaches to a ZappaWheels Bike Cargo Shelf, providing unparalleled versatility. Safety is paramount, with a thoughtful light attachment for nighttime rides.

Designed by cyclists for cyclists, our Wooden Bike Crate replaces plastic alternatives, offering a safer and more convenient choice. Crafted from environmentally friendly wood, it's an eco-friendly option with a recycled inner tube bungee cord.

Elevate your biking experience with ZappaWheels—a commitment to sustainability, zero-waste, and a stylish way to carry your possessions.
Watch the video of the product in action. 

Eco-Friendly Removable Wooden Bicycle Crate: A Sustainable Solution for Carrying

SKU: 1
    • High-quality, lightweight, eco-friendly, naturally weather-resistant wood with a polyurethane coating
    • Convenient storage solution for on-the-go-essentials
    • Easily attaches to the ZappaWheels Bike Cargo Shelf
    • Includes recycled inner tube bungee cord

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